SHEDcetra Ltd - " We build your dreams in timber "

Whelping Boxes

Made from pressure treated tongue and grooved timber on
38mm x 50mm round edge framing.

The overall height (including 50mm (2") legs) is 370mm (14.5")

The box is raised off the floor on the legs to reduce condensation forming underneath and improves thermal efficiency.

Anti-crush rails are included and are removable (see pictures).

The front entrance is removable in 4 panels (as pictures) to let Mum out and keep pups safe.

The box can be pressure washed.

Our standard sizes (internal) and prices are as follows:-

- 2ft x 2ft (23.5" x 23.5") x 12" high - £125.00.

- 3ft x 2ft (35" x 23.5") x 12" high - £130.00 - (shown below).

- 3ft x 3ft (35" x 35") x 12" high - £175.00.

Other sizes are available - please ask for prices.